BLS Benotto Luigino Spumanti
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BLS Benotto Luigino Spumanti

brand reputation & prestige enhancement
About This Project


Maybe the most ancient winery in Valdobbiadene (Italy), the land of Prosecco, founded in 1873.
Some years ago they acquired a historic vineyard on the island of Sant’Erasmo (the largest island in the Venetian lagoon), the vineyard where for centuries has been produced the wine for the Doges of Venice.


In that occasion, Luigino Benotto asked me to study the story of the island and of the ancient vineyard, and to create 3 different names of wine and the related luxury liveries for the new wines he was going to produce in that vineyard.


Then I have been asked to organize and curate also a launch event with press conference to present the new wines.


After that, the owner of BLS asked me to create a new extra luxury livery for their first Metodo Classico (the Italian Champagne) Rosè, named by himself Principessa Sonia.


Finally, Mr. Benotto asked me to follow the creative direction of the full restyling of the winery brand and of the shootings for the new web advertising campaign and to create their new website.



creative & artistic director – event manager – producer – artists & locations scout – art director & graphic designer – industrial designer


Project Size

complete project, very articulate and made by different contents and artistic solutions, intended for multiple fields of application

  • All
  • advertising
  • events
  • industrial design
  • photo shoots