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Listed here is just a little selection of works I done during years of professional and artistic experience.

I chose only some of the works I love most and which better represent my feelings and my way to conceive creativity, art and communication, regardless of their size and/or importance.

The different genres define the fields of application and the enviroments in and for which the various works have been developed

  • All
  • advertising
  • cinema
  • events
  • exhibitions
  • fashion
  • fine arts
  • industrial design
  • music
  • photo shoots
  • publishing
  • sports
  • videos
.FULL PROJECTS, advertising, commercial, industrial design, photo shoots
  • ARTISTIC: works made for artistic purpose, during the years, on my own or for customers (artists, cultural and social organisations, foundations and so on…)
  • COMMERCIAL: works made for commercial purpose, during the years, for corporate customers
  • PRO BONO: works made for patronage purpose, during the years, on my own for young emerging talented people, worthy social welfare charities and voluntary organizations)
  • All
  • artistic
  • commercial
  • pro bono
.FULL PROJECTS, advertising, commercial, industrial design, photo shoots