Vegamoore’s Zeus video in the making
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Vegamoore’s Zeus video in the making

Vegamoore’s Zeus video in the making

The featured video for Zeus, the new single from Vegamoore (internationally renown Italian Electro-EDM duo) is the the making and is almost ready to be released!!

Stay tuned!!!


Written, directed and produced by Lino Franco
Shooting by Paolo Pandin, Alessandro Baratto, Fabio Dubolino
Direction and production assistant: Marzia Andreetta
Edited by: Lino Franco, Paolo Pandin, Alessandro Baratto
With: Monica Pastrello, Melissa Martinez, Elena Tomasella, Elena Vittoria Lavinia, Giorgia Lupato, Arianna, Ambra Barbaresco, Melissa De Nardi, Giovanni Forlini


Thanks to King’s Club Jesolo (Venezia, IT) and Broke Clothing (Treviso, IT)