linofranco * pure creativity | “A” Concept Collection – Fashion Show Backstage
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“A” Concept Collection – Fashion Show Backstage

@ IUAV 12/15/14

About This Project

“A” Fashion Show / Backstage
from eagles to aviators, the human dream of flying
by Davide Zocca
Concept Collection for University Fashion Show | IUAV – Fashion Design Department | 15 December 2014


Concept, creative & art direction by Lino Franco

Produced by Lino Franco

Burlesque show by Genny Mirtillo

OST & live music show by Vegamoore

Photos by Riccardo Rizzo, Jade Eleonoire & Julesphoto

Video & editing by Paolo Pandin

Hair Style & Make-Up by Daniela Grava – Il Pettine

David Checchin, Martina Covre, Daniel Didonè, Niccolò Figaro, Linda Gambin, Elena Tomasella


Thanks to Barbara D’Altoè, creative soul of Maison RòdeMaison Ròde, for her precious advices and consultancies about tyre rubber related technical solutions and uses.


Davide Zocca Haute Couture


creative and artistic director - event manager - producer - video & photo shooting director - models & artists scout

Project Size

complete project, very articulate and made by different contents and artistic solutions, intended for multiple fields of application