Art Skin & Social Ink
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Art Skin & Social Ink

an artistic-photographic book about the artistic value and the social impact of tattoos

About This Project

Art Skin & Social Ink

a social and artists view on the daily life of inked people


Art Skin & Social Ink is an artistic book conceived to be a totally new and deep approach towards an art form which is quickly affirming itself day by day and a social phenomenon which is conquering the world.
A new, not so small, cultural revolution.


This concept comes from an idea of mine and I’m taking care of the creative and artistic direction, the project management and I will be also one of the writers.

It will involve 3 photographers, 1 creative director, 1 art critic & museum curator, 1 sociologist, 12 tattoo artists and 24 ordinary people, chosen from among the customers of these artists, 2 for each, each one almost entirely, or at least largely tattooed by one of these artists


The project is in pre-production. Now I’m searching for a publishing company to realize and distribute it.


For any kind of further infos, please feel free to contact me, asking for the project’s keynote in pdf format.

Write to:


concept creator - playwright - director - creative & artistic director