ADMO – Ehi Tu! Hai Midollo? 2014
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ADMO – Ehi Tu! Hai Midollo? 2014

awareness campaign

creative director - video director - editor - producer - testimonials scout

Project Size

one shot-work, made just for its own direct purpose

.SINGLE WORKS, advertising, photo shoots, pro bono, videos
About This Project

Promo advertising work (web videos and printed billboards) made pro bono for ADMO (Italian Bone Marrow Donors Association – for the “National Awareness Day for Bone Marrow Donation 2014”, hosted by Italian model, ADMO volunteer and hospital clown Elena “NEMESI” Tomasella (former finalist of Miss Word Italy and Miss Universe Italy), featuring some Italian guest stars, internationally renowned (involved by myself): the chef LUCA MANFÉ (winner of Season 4 of MasterChef USA in 2013), the singer MARIO BIONDI, the artistic and entertainment performer PRINCIPE MAURICE and the tv entertainer MORENO MORELLO.


Videos filmed, directed, edited and produced by: Lino Franco (except the one of Moreno Morello, filmed by Riccardo Rizzo)


Photos by: Riccardo Rizzo (Luca Manfé, Moreno Morello), Lino Franco (Mario Biondi) and Mattia Bordignon (Principe Maurice)