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Creative and artistic director, creator and director of art exhibitions and special events.

screenwriter and director of film and music videos, production and set designer.

In the personal artistic sphere, music producer, visual artist and writer.

CEO, Producer & Production Manager of FG&P entARTainment of Venezia

Collaborator of “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Foundation” of Rome.

Honorary Member of DustyEye art collective (Padua-Rome).

Artistic & Professional Profile

My name is Lino Franco, I was born in Treviso (IT) in 1976 and work between Venice, Miami and NYC, with 18 years of experience in a lot of different but adjacent fields of advertising, marketing, communication, fine arts, entertainment, cinema.


As I am used to say about what I do, it’s so simple and at the same time extremely difficult to explain my expertise, so I usually choose the easy way out, just saying that “basically, I’m an Italian creative mind”.


After classical studies and a missed degree in architecture, by personal choice, embark myself on a path of continuous research in the fields of art, communication&marketing and artistic communication, founding and directing firstly for six years the creative department of an advertising agency in Treviso and then for three years the one of an actually bigger agency in London.


Finally I began working as a freelancer between Italy and the USA (Miami & NYC), conceiving, organizing and directing artistic and entertainment projects and events for artistic and/or commercial purposes.

Today, since the end of 2016 and alongside my professional activity, I am also the CEO and Producer of a theatrical shows & artistic events production company based in Venezia, FG&P entARTainment.

I attended the Classical Lyceum High School, obtaining my Diploma in 1995, and then the Faculty of Architecture at IUAV (Venice University Institute of Architecture) since when I left it in 2001. In the meantime, I studied piano and obtained my Diploma in music theory.

Therefore I was born and have ever lived completely dipped in various kind of arts! I grew up between music and architecture, aerosol art and industrial design, art events and photography.


In high school, while I was studying classical and humanistic culture, I developed artistically by practicing in the fields of music production, composition and authoring (in production and recording studios). I also practiced visual arts (working in a studio alongside my father, an architect, industrial designer and urban planner; attending many industrial design exhibitions and photo shoots; practicing aerosol art, with some of the most successful Italian artists, and graphic design), communication (studying american techniques and methodologies and attending the offices of some major agencies in Milan and in Veneto) and events organization (organizing, managing and promoting many concerts, events and art shows).


In 2001, while I was studying architecture & urban planning and Industrial & interior design, I founded and ran an integrated communications agency, in the Treviso province, for six years as creative/art director and project manager, focused on luxury brands and companies.


In 2006, I began my international experience, working until the end of 2009, as chief creative officer and representative for Italy with a new international advertising, marketing and financial group based in London, focused on luxury brands and companies, beginning to turn my profession more towards the world of arts, entertainment and cinema.


Between 2009 and 2012, I have been a member of the Italian producer Pino Mastelli’s team, working, among the other things, on the creative direction and the production design of two great projects: a theatrical Musical written by the Italian-Venezuelan journalist and writer Barbara Mastella and composed by famous Italian composer Francesco Sartori (the composer of the most famous hits of Andrea Bocelli), based on the life of Simon Bolivar (in collaboration and on behalf of the Venezuelan Government); an Opera written by Italian composer Pietro Bonadio, based on the famous novel “Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak (in collaboration with the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow).


Since October 2010, I have also been dealing with a movie production service in Europe and Russia on behalf of worldwide film studios, working alongside the famous producer Roberto Bessi (see his IMDB page), and in 2011, following Mr. Bessi, I also began to actively work, as outside consultant, both for artistic and production-related aspects (namely sponsorship and product placement) with CSC Production, the film production company of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Foundation of Rome (Experimental Cinematography Centre, the most oldest film school in the world along with the one of St. Petersburg, Russia).


Today, since 2012 I’m working on concepts creation, creative direction, planning and production of many artistic projects (theatrical shows, art exhibitions, festivals, grand soirée, music videos, books and many more) for artistic, commercial or both purposes.

Then, in the end of 2016, I have been one of the founder of an innovative theatrical shows and artistic events production company based in Venezia, FG&P entARTainment, of which today I am the CEO and Producer.

Finally, in the last couple of years I also started again to devote myself to artistic personal projects, working on music and visual production and writing a romance.


  • creative & artistic direction
  • screenwriting, direction and production design for entertainment & theatrical shows and projects, music videos, short films & commercials
  • creation of concepts, direction and project management for art exhibitions, artistic and cultural projects
  • writing (movie scripts and screenplays, song lyrics)
  • music production (mainly urban music)



  • artistic strategies for advertising/branding/marketing plans
  • creative projects management
  • planning and organization of events/trade/fashion shows
  • design of shows’ equipments and set decorations

Artistic & Professional Resume


Please, download hereafter the pdf file of my artistic & professional resume and profile: